Calling all female riders

We cannot emphasize it enough: Techbikers is a community and fun event, but not a race.
Even if you should have a certain level of fitness and at least some experience on your bike, we organize the event in a way that everyone can do it. This means, that it is easily doable for women.
Our goal: we air for at least 40% of female participants. In this short video our
3x participant Bettine Schmitz from Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator shares her experience in joining Techbikers Germany as a female rider

****SOLD OUT***** TechBikers Female Rider Ticket 2019

****SOLD OUT*****


This ticket is exclusively for
female riders.

The 2019 Ride: June 20th to 23rd

Those €349 pay for the ride - those costs which which are not covered by our corporate sponsors. The price includes all meals, accommodation, accompanying vehicles, sports coaching through MOVE-MENT, and our party in Berlin. And, last but not least, lots of fun and unforgettable memories! You are interested in the financial details behind TechBikers? You want to know what exactly you pay for? Have a look here: The Money

REMEMBER: In return for this bargain ticket price, we ask you to fundraise, with our support, 750 EUR for our charity.  This is because we believe that we, as a start-up community, are united by greater values and goals than raising the next round. You find more information about fundraising here!